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 Code of Ethics!

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PostSubject: Code of Ethics!   Thu Aug 28, 2008 4:02 pm

Taken from the

See ye, See ye!!

Greetings and salutations! The Deathgodz forums is made for one sole purpose. To serve the guild of the Philippine Valkyrie Ragnarok Online guild, the Deathgodz.

Made by the Guild master mCsin, this guild will soon soar high to the skies above. And soon enough, it will reach the top!

And now before stepping into the virtual community of the Deathgodz, please take time to read our Code of Ethics, for what is a world without a few rules?

Official Rules and Regulations

Section 1: Love your parents
Without them, you're nothing.

Section 2: Love your teachers
Without them, you won't be able to understand any of the things posted in here.

Section 3: Exercise Good Manners and Right Conduct
Say grace before you eat; don't say bad words; respect the ladies, the young ones (Read ONES not ONCE) and the elderly. Respect them especially the admins and mods. Sexist comments and harassments addressed to the female members and officers of this board will merit you ass spanking and we mean that in a not so kinky manner. This section is for the protection of women and children and is no way an exception to those who think and act like children. So there. XP

Section 4: Don't play with fire
Flaming is defined as deliberate posts and threads geared to attack a person's character and well-being while Flame-bait is defined as words implied to another person or groups of persons by trying to incite them to flame. Either way you'll get burned, or we'll make sure you do right down to a crisp.

Section 5: Don't be a Sex-starving maniac (or at least try to hide it if you are)

  • Avoid posting links to porn sites or create threads and post images that are graphical, obscene, sexual and scandalous in nature unless some admin gives you the consent to do so. (clue: CinderFury usually gives consent after doing 3 rounds of lap dance on him regardless of the dancer's gender.)

Section 6: Avoid too much spamming
Spam is technically a type of luncheon meat, which is best when deep-fried and used as filling for sandwiches. In other words, if you're a spammer, we will deep-fry you, slap you inside a sandwich, and eat you up eventually... well maybe not.

  • Spamming is categorized by posting without sense continuously or habitually. This includes only posting emoticons in a thread or posting long replies that only has a few words but is full of spaces in between.

  • One-liners are posts only made with a single word or few words and only emoticons without words or any sense at all.

  • Double-posting is characterized by posting twice in succession. If you need to say something or you forgot to express something right after you made a post, use the edit button. (note: exemption to the rule are important posts i.e Guides/ FAQs/Galleries/Fan Fictions)

  • Out of topic posts. Threads each have their own topic, avoid posting irrelevant discussions or opinions.

  • Posts using extremely large fonts. Only attention-seeking-brainless-retards use them.

Section 7: Look both left and right ways and read signs before crossing the street
When creating threads and topics make sure that the topic you are creating is on the right section of the Board. Make sure that no similar topic exists before you post your topic. And some sections have additional rules, so you better read it and follow, you wouldn't want to get ran over by an officer do you? And besides, what's the use of the search toolbar if you won't use it? O_o

Section 8: Respect our bandwidth and Dial-up users
Not everyone can afford high-speed Internet nor have them available in their area even if they can afford it.

  • Signatures:
    Avoid posting long siggys like an entire song lyrics for your signature. If you have Images/Pictures on your sig, limit the size to 500x200 pixel size and 150kb file size with all images combined (either flash or any other file types) and minimize the text portion of your signature,

  • Avatars:
    Avatars should not exceed 100x100 pixel size and 50kb file size.

  • Images:
    Unlimited number of use of IMG tags are allowed only on Guides of any sort, File Sharing (thread starters only), and Announcements posted by officers, but keep the width of the images not longer than 550px.

  • When using the IMG tag on other types of threads.. you can only post up to the maximum of 3 [img] tags on 1 page. And when image width exceeds 550px and 100kb file size, use thumbnails. (we prefer thumbnails for your images but, of course, it's not mandatory :P )

  • Media files:
    You may only post one(1) Video/Flash (using the [Flash] tag) per thread. It should be only placed at the first post. If you want to post a compilation of videos/flash files, make use of the URL tag instead.

Section 9: Dress appropriately
Signatures and Avatars that contain images, words and ASCII characters that are considered as offensive, scandalous, libelous and immoral are not permitted.

Section 10: There can be Only ONE
You may have one and ONLY ONE account used for posting here.

  • Using another member's account to post while the main account is suspended is not allowed and so is lending your account to a suspended member.

  • Using another member's account/creating a second account for the intention of fraud, or violating any rule of the board is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with extreme prejudice.

  • If you're that member who needs to be anonymous for certain reasonable reasons; like having STDs, cancer, being obese and anorexic, and wanting to post and seek advice in this forum, we understand your need and is permitted if there are reasonable grounds for doing so. However, you must contact an admin to apply for another account strictly for that purpose. If you post anywhere else outside of the agreement, your mask will be ripped off and we'll expose you for the public to feast on.

Section 11: Don't be such a die-hard fan
Gone were the days where Vilma Santos Fans wage war against Sharon Cuneta Fans. Photos that were taken without the consent of the owners or persons in the picture are prohibited from being posted here. You waive that right when you personally post your pictures in the internet for everyone's viewing.

Section 12: Remember your Philippine history lesson, don't be a Makapili and sell off your countrymen to the Japanese

  • Makapili's are those traitors wearing bayongs on their heads and squeals the Filipino rebels to the Japanese in exchange for freedom or Mickey Mouse money. We have no means of verifying if your accusations are true or not. If you are going to charge someone post some evidence. You won't be given due notice anymore and be given 3 days allowance to post your evidence.

  • Anyone found to be making negative remarks about this board here or on other forums will loose their posting privileges here. Effectively immediately.

Bayongs are only allowed if you are playing Pera or Bayong. No exceptions or face our new and improved firing squad.

Section 13: Stop, look, and listen
Don't forget to read the News for important announcements.

Section 14: Trolls and Ewoks are not cute
Trolling means being a prick to everyone or to someone, having your own opinion is one thing, being CinderFury's inflatable toy to everyone else is another. (note by CinderFury: I used to watch Ewoks and my ex-gf gave me a troll for my birthday a long time ago. If you decide to be a troll and ewok you agree without condition to be my toy. So there.)

Section 15: ...and so are Aliens
Do not post in languages or dialects other than Filipino (Tagalog), American English, and basic Japanese (like baka and arigatou). Posting in dialects other than the above mentioned normally causes confusion and are often grounds for unnecessary arguments. (note by CinderFury: British English is allowed too. We are not bigots here, Barok English and Trying-hard English is allowed but if you post using the said language you give the Admins and Mods permission to make fun of you and turn you into our pansy.)

Section 16: Don't be a cry-baby-wussy
Being called a śMenyak" is a privilege, not an insult. Don't make it personal.
(CinderFury's Note: Look at Jemski, he wears his Menyek Crown high and proud.)

Section 17: This website is not just about Ragnarok Online
Everyone is welcome here regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, religion, financial standing and cultural differences. It's all about <b>respect</b>. We don't care if in your native country you eat live chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner as long as you don't shove that chicken up everyone's throat we're okay with it.

Section 18: VIP
We are fair but realize that some members are valued and respected than others because they serve a purpose to the community. Contribute to the good of the community. Those people who help in the fragile eco-system of this board are considered as those at the top of the food chain. Good for nothing leechers will be stepped on and burned to the furnace consistently without question. (CinderFury's Note: You can buy my respect through food and cash. I accept all major credit cards, negotiable instruments, cash equivalents and marketable securities.)

Section 19: Post counts doesn't equate to big bumpers or big d*cks
Quality posts please. In the interest of quality we decided to remove the post counts in some sections.

Section 20: Be sensitive enough of your fellow posters
If you see someone calling another member a pig and responds with a jerk doesn't imply that they are flaming or flame baiting and certainly it does not give you authority to call those persons the same. Be sensitive enough to understand terms of endearment between friends. If you don't know the thin line between love and hate it would be best if you would just shut up.

Section 21: Keep your personal life private
If you personally reveal stuff about yourself you waive your right not to be the official board clown when the admins and mods decide it so. Avoid making confrontations between lovers in this board. If you do so well all surround you, mock you and make fun of you. Such matters should be kept between the parties involved. By posting it here you make it everyone's business.

Section 22: Say "Please" please
If you get sactioned for any offense and thinks you have performed otherwise, we are reasonable so just learn to ask nicely. However, if you opt to piss us off more we will take pleasure in kicking you in the ass and let the door hit you on your way out.

Section 23: Rules are subject to change with or without prior notice
Objections? Proceed to Section 24p

Section 24: Don't be such a whiner

  • Nobody likes a whiner. We're not omnipresent beings to monitor every members and posts, if someone had gotten away with a violation and another one didn't, that doesn't necessarily mean we're bias. Make yourself useful.. the report button works and it's preferable that you use it to report offenders, rather than stink up the whole neighborhood with your whining.

  • If you're pissed with one of the officers, don't just go around picking fights and arguments. Post a proper appeal in the Customer Service section in a calm/civilized manner. Or better yet if you can settle it through pm then why not make that your first option.

Section 25: Follow the Golden Rule
He who has the GOLD, is the RuleŁ. We reserve the right to everything. We made this, therefore, own everything and have all the power. We're allowed to bitchslap you for no apparent reason. If we say 1 + 1 = 3, then we have bent the laws of time and space to make it true, end of story. If we tell you to jump you should reply how high?Ł. And yes, it is great to be Kings and Queens. Dont worry though, We are reasonable people 98% of the time and 2% of the time we are suffering from PMS.

Ahh... So, that covers everything up! I hope you read all of them! And not just skip from one rule to another! >_< Its hard copying and editing some parts of it you know hahaha! I mean the codes and all, not the sentences.. >_< <br> Okay! Finally! Welcome to the Deathgodz Forums! Please enjoy your stay!


٥ﺎ ٱvڸ٥ﻻ ﻉ
, finest words I've heard in my entire life. Easy to say, yet its hard to truly mean it.

"Never argue with an idiot. They will only drag you down to there level and then beat you with experience"
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Code of Ethics!
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