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 Calling for Scribes!!

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PostSubject: Calling for Scribes!!   Sat Sep 27, 2008 11:08 am

Calling for Scribes!

Yes! you read it right.. Very Happy I'm currently looking for Scribes to help moderate some parts of the forum and most importantly contribute on forum commentaries / Siege Discussion threads / War Museum . Applicants must not only be always online during WoE, responsible and persevering but must be reliable, can work well and get along with others and must know and uphold our Code of Ethics.

If you're interested send the following requirements to Ayah via PM.


Application Form

Quote :

Real Name:
Board Name:
In Game Name: (optional)
Picture: (optional)
Contact #:
Personal Traits:
Why should we choose you:
Anything else that you want to add:


A Scribes job:

These are writers who can produce articles on anything about Valkyrie be it everyday Valkyrian life or siege reports. I'm not too strict with grammar, I'm concerned more with content and substance. Post your name, character name in Valkyrie and say something about your writing experience at this thread, 5-8 sentences will do.


Siege Commentary 1

Hello, I’m here again to post my siege commentary for the day…

And like last time, my siege commentary is from the view of a weak dancer from a strong guild, The Bozanian Beast Fighter.

The afternoon started like other normal days. Before the siege, I took a nap around 12:30; luckily I woke up from my nap, early before the siege started. We, the Bozanian Beast Fighters' members of Tsinchu, were very excited. Because we finally have the feared guild skill, the Emergency Call. We were kindda late when the siege started, because we were waiting for a very special person to be invited in the guild. Rai is his name, our ex-guildmaster of the Bozanian Beast Fighter. He threatened us, that if GM Tsinchu would use our Emergency Call for the first time withouth him, he will definitely quit Valkyrie.

And at last, when he has finally arrived, GM Tsinchu immediately invited him to our guild and party and started to roam around Britoniah.

Round 1 – First Time

Our first Emergency Call was used in the emp room of the agit of our main guild. We helped in defending it. But alas, it was taken from us by the Harabas guild.

Round 2 – Resback!

We immediately returned back to the scene of the crime, only to find out that the Desolation Guild has captured the said agit in Britoniah.

Round 3 - Lost

And as usual, I was lost. I didn’t know where to go. Haha but this time, I have a buddy with me who is also lost like me. Very Happy

So we both scouted the map in Britoniah. Only to find out that in the lower left part of the map stands the ever sturdy Castle of the Desolation guild. And in front of their portals, the Illumati, Ruff Ryderz, Panorama Signum, S O R E E Y E and C E N S O R E D guilds were getting ready to attack the said castle.

Then, suddenly we were called by our beloved Guild Master Tsinchu. I was shocked to see my character stand just beside the emperium of the lower right castle in Britoniah. And I immediately knew that GM Tsinchu or maybe the other breakers of the guild captured this one.

Round 4 – United we Stand!

We defended our castle with all our might. We, the 13 online members of the guild, defended it like it was our last. But alas, since we were lacking members. Like wizards, High Priests and Lord Knights. We couldn’t prevent the Vanquish’s guild master to use his deadly guild skill, the Emergency Call! And in one instant, dozens of Vanquish members appeared beside him. By killing us one by one, they made us look bad.

Round 4 – Random Attacks

It's kindda funny, when GM Tsinchu summoned us in a certain place of the agit. Allowing us to be 2 rooms closer to the emp room. But when we entered the room before the emp room, dozens of Panorama Signum members were waiting there. We were knocked down one by one. I was left alive because I entered a warp. But I was followed by a High Wizard. He casts his Storm Gust on me, and of course since I don't have any Marc equipped armor, I was frozen. And it just so happen that a Gypsy of the same guild came. She immediately used her Arrow Vulcan on me, which was the cause of my character's death.

After the lost of our beloved castle, we the members of the Bozanian Guild did nothing except for attacking non-stop random agits, until the most feared event happened! The fall of the Britoniah map and the Valkyrie map!

Round 5 – Total Map Lockdown

Because of the said event, all of the guild’s guild masters were trapped in the fallen maps. Luckily, GM Tsinchu escaped from the massive map lock down. They were not stuck at first, but a certain champion of a certain guild, placed a warp in the memo point of our warper. Warping our guild masters and other members to one of the fallen maps.

Because of this happening, we kindda got lost. We didn’t know where to go. By GM Tsinchu’s orders, we went to the Luina Map. On the lower right side of the map stands the castle of one of the hard to capture guild. That certain guild has an alliance with the Hustlers, I think. Because at the entrance of the said castle lies a group of Blue and Red Hustlers waiting for their next prey.

We even tried to capture the castle in Payon for our last minute. But we were unsuccessful.


It’s as if time during the siege today was so slow that I can’t even count the times I’ve checked the time at our wall clock. Alas, in the end, because of so many unexpected turn of events. The Bozanian Beast Fighters Guild remained agitless.

That's all for my commentary of today's siege. Smile


Siege Commentary 2

Commentaries - April 09, 2008 - Wednesday

It was cold that night around 6:50pm here in Davao. I was getting excited with the upcoming siege, yet nervous because I still don't have an unfrozen armor. Still, I remained in my seat in front of my personal computer and calmly waited for the siege to start. While everyone was busy preparing for the siege, the golden words came out of our screen. It was siege time once again.

Round 1 - The start

I really didn't know what to do here. It was the start of the siege and yet GM tsinchu hasn't even used our Emergency Call to summon us in our agit. I was worried that it would be captured by other guilds since no one is defending it. But GM tsinchu calmly said,"Iba satin..." or something like that. XD

After a few minutes of waiting, the other guilds have already captured some agits. The Harabas, Seizure, KOJ... I couldn't remember the others. Then we were summoned by our GM. I was just shock to see that we have already captured an agit. I think it was from Seizure or Netrosphere before.

And then... The real battle started...

Round 2 - The defend

It was really nice to see that many of the BBF members were online. In our guild, there were 20 members online, including me. I don't know about the others, but there were many... I think. It was a smooth sailing at first. Then Main Event, the BBFmain guild's, guild master summoned his members to another agit to capture. Almost 70% of the defenders in our agit was gone. But we never loosed our hope. Even though we were only few remaining, we still tried our best defending our agit.

Then, when it was just about to get fun... I was forced to log out... Curse this siege schedule, why does it have to be partnered with dinner time schedule. And then I left, leaving my co-members defending the agit with a smile in their faces. I think...

Round 3 - The return

When I came back after I've eaten my dinner, I was stock at first in our save point. I didn't know where to go. Then I just entered random warps or the warpers and found myself in the same agit. Although now, it was captured by the Seizure?(I should have written notes >.<)

During the first to the third attempts I tried to enter the agit. I was easily killed by other guilds. Using their ever freezing spell and destructive balls of lightning.

But then, I successfully arrived at the room before the emp room. And was happy to see that fellow guild mates were there awaiting for their orders.

Round 4 - The Rivals

Many other guilds also tried to capture this agit before ours. First that attempted to capture our territory in the room before the emp, was the Seizure. I remember the first Lord Knight who came. Darn it, he was so hard to kill. He must have many pots. XD But in the end he was killed by the powerfull Extremity Fist!

After the death of the Lord Knight from Seizure, his backups came. There quite many, but I think the other Boza members prevented them from capturing our territory.

Look! It's Auradancer! XD

Next batch of attackers came. It was 2 vs 1! We were overpowered by the joined forces of KOJ and Seizure. We were surrounded, and didn't know where to go.

At last we changed our target from Upper left Luina to Lower right.

Round 5 - RUSH

Even though we changed target. We never had the chance to capture it.

Alas, it was the end. And the Boza family remained guildless again. But hey! At least we had some good laughs! ^^


I'm looking forward for volunteers!! Peace


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Calling for Scribes!!
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